The Personality is developed from Aries to Virgo; the Soul is developed from Virgo to Pisces.




ZODIAC ENERGY:  ARIES                    SYMBOL:  The Ram’s Horns





QUALITY:  Cardinal/Masculine or Positive

Masculine signs are Positive; Feminine signs are Negative.


          As a positive, cardinal energy, ARIES is interested in crisis, activity, and what is going on.



PERSONALITY LEVEL:  Mars                                             SOUL LEVEL:  Mercury




RULES:  ARIES rules the 1st house-------Libra rules the 7th house


RAYS:  1st Ray of Will/Power  -  AND  -   7th Ray of Ceremonial Order & Magic


MUSIC FOR ARIES - http://www.drkayjg.com/blog/102-the-fire-sign-aries-sergei-rachmaninoff-and-his-2nd-piano-concerto


BASIC SOUL PURPOSES:  To establish a separate identity; to be a “birthplace of ideas.”

          QUALITY TO OVERCOME:  Anger

          LESSON TO LEARN:  Love

          MOTIVATED BY:  Their inspirations & aspirations



          MOST COMPATIBLE ENERGIES:  Leo & Sagittarius

          COMPATIBLE ENERGIES:  Gemini, Libra, & Aquarius

          INCOMPATIBLE ENERGIES:  Those of water & earth elements – often compatible Ascendant energies will largely overcome incompatibility.




          An intimate relationship with another ARIES means inability to recharge each other’s energy field.  There is a tendency to blend and “act as one element.”  Unless there are other strong energizing elements present, there can be a slow starvation of the nervous system.  Conflict need not be present.


       Attraction to others attuned to an element one lacks usually does not form the basis for a lasting relationship.  One or both end up saying, “We are too different.” 


      Relationships can be either “too intense” or “devitalizing” according to the energy combinations of both persons.  A strong reason for knowing the Soul Maps of those with whom you have close personal relationships.  We can work positively with what we know.


          Sleeping together merges the energy fields and can dramatically affect each person’s state of health, for good or ill.  If in an intimate relationship with a neutral or incompatible Sun Sign, sleeping in separate beds/bedrooms can be very beneficial.  (Stephen Arroyo, Astrology, Psychology, & the Four Elements)


EVOLUTIONARY  SPIRAL:   (According to Alan Oken, Soul-Centered Astrology) – as we grow holistically, we spiral upward from Personality- centered >>> Awakening to Soul-Personality relationship >>> Soul-Centered Individual.


          Functioning on the totally Personality-Centered Level – unconscious of self, projects instinctively desires of the lower self.  A “me” first attitude that lacks objectivity, thus is naïve and unconscious.  Approach to life can be confrontational; attachment to territory is strong.  Motivations are based on desire for dominance and the need for personal recognition.


          Awakening to Soul-Personality Relationship – life energies are more consciously directed and focused.  Begins to fight not only for the causes that interest ARIES, but for the well-being of others.  The anger and moral outrage begins to lose its instinctual nature and to become more closely aligned with conscious purpose.  ARIES creates a plan of action.  Instead of fighting to maintain territory, ARIES now becomes an instrument to correct injustices, and if necessary, an instrument of sacrifice for a high ideal.  ARIES discovers the meaning of Love.


          Soul-centered individual – ARIES takes on the conscious responsibility for the right use of the 1st RAY energy of Will & Power.  Is in constant touch with the Intuitive Plane and can be extremely perceptive and inspirational.  Now a conscious personification of the Will-to-Good that is the 1st RAY.  Can infuse and inspire heightened spiritual awareness into any endeavor.  ARIES’ Intuitive Mind is the highest weapon of the Arian Warrior.




          The I AM sign, pride in personal fulfillment, self-confident, drive, courageous, strong sense of excitement, discovery, and adventure.  The ability to inspire, strong leadership qualities, filled with new ideas, honest and direct, spontaneous, independent.  Sexual energy is strong.  Possesses a restless need to move forward, to accomplish something.  Influence and the power to get things done is important, enjoys a challenge.  ARIES can be extremely resourceful.  ARIES is the energy of the pioneer, the trailblazer.


NEGATIVE CHARACTERISTICS:  (Remember that as you focus on developing your positive characteristics, the negatives ones tend to disappear.  Those who express in negative ways are frustrated, consciously or unconsciously, because they are not being who they truly are.)

          Impulsive, pushy, headstrong, tends to look down on women (even when ARIES is a woman); needs to learn reciprocity, consideration of others, and sharing; needs to balance Arian independence with the Libran social and companionship qualities.  Stagnation can mean that ARIES is operating too much out of its opposite energy—Libra.  Impatient—listening and waiting are difficult for ARIES.  Aloof, distant, fails to recognize that other zodiac signs do not possess ARIES’ stamina and vitality.  Injures to the head can be a warning sign:  stop, listen, and evaluate ARIES’ lifestyle.  May come on too strong, too intense.


AN ARIES INCARNATION is an important lifetime.  It offers opportunities for establishing a strong sense of ego-identity; for learning to set boundaries; and, by learning to use the intellect and intuitive mind, to develop a sense of separateness as a unique human being.  What is initiated in ARIES will be the basis from which the soul expresses for the next eleven incarnations through the zodiac.  During the ARIES incarnation, the soul experiences inner resourcefulness and self-reliance.  It is an opportunity to learn that the I AM is the SELF.  A balance between polarities, ARIES & Libra, can be achieved through building a lasting, happy marriage or partnership.  ARIES  learns how to move forward, even if it is through a dark tunnel.  Optimism is eternal; ARIES knows there is light at the end of the tunnel.



Be sure to check your chart to see what your Ascendant is.

          The zodiac energy on the ASCENDANT is the energy that the public beholds.  We also look at the world through our ASCENDANT energy.  ARIES ASCENDANT, on the mundane level, sees a world that needs to be conquered and dominated.

          In esoteric (soul-centered) astrology, the ASCENDANT indicates the soul’s purpose in physical embodiment.

          ARIES ASCENDANT reveals that the soul is to be activated through the 1st & 7th RAYS.  Thus, the soul has incarnated in order to take on the responsibility of a leadership role.  It’s 1st RAY lessons include learning how to surrender the personal will to Divine Will and to structure and implement power in ways that are beneficial to the Whole.  Personal power is to be lifted to knowledge of Self as a channel for Divine Power.  ARIES ASCENDANT is to evolve from the totally subjective approach >>> to the objective, impersonal use of the 1st RAY’s Will/Power.

          The main function and goal of ARIES ASCENDANT’s 7th RAY energy is to fuse matter with Spirit.  ARIES, the “birthplace of ideas,” is to bring spiritual ideas into physical manifestation.  ARIES ASCENDANT is to use the leadership role to change those forms, both physical and mental, that no longer serve the Divine Plan.  Ceremony and ritual are important to the 7th RAY individual.

          THE HOUSE IN WHICH MERCURY—AS THE SOUL LEVEL RULER OF ARIES—IS FOUND will indicate the area of life’s experiences where the lessons of the 1st and 7th RAYS will tend to manifest.  Since MERCURY CHANNELS THE 4TH RAY OF HARMONY THROUGH CONFLICT, many of the lessons will come through efforts to establish harmony out of conflict within the area of life’s experiences indicated by the house location of Mercury. 



Be sure to check your chart and see where your Moon is located.


          The MOON reveals the personality as it is displayed in our reactions to the events within our daily lives.  It also reveals much that is hidden within our subconscious minds.

          On the soul-centered level, the MOON reveals habit patterns that must be overcome or transformed into the positive expression in order to advance toward spiritual maturity.  This struggle to overcome the negative tendencies revealed by the MOON is the “cross” we bear (Alan Oken).  The MOON reminds us of the negative habit patterns formed in prior incarnations that created the karma we brought into this incarnation.

          MOON IN ARIES indicates that soul growth will occur as the individual learns control of the emotions by the mind.  MOON IN ARIES learns to move from an instinctual, impulsive reaction to life’s situations >>> to >>> a conscious, more objective response.  MOON IN ARIES is to overcome temper outbursts, to channel anger into constructive avenues of expression, to cooperate with others, and to make the shift from aggression to positive self-assertion.  MOON IN ARIES’ tendencies are:  to be “bossy” and domineering, to be thoughtless of others.  ARIES is to allow the restless energy that agitates self and others to be transformed.  MOON IN ARIES is to learn how to constructively channel the intensity of its energy.




HEALTH & WELL BEING:  The ARIES/LIBRA POLARITIES work together to bring about a positive regulation of energy flow within the physical body.

          Achieving a balance between the qualities of ARIES & LIBRA, thereby transforming negative habit patterns, will assist in maintaining good health.  For examples, achieving a balance between:

                   ARIES’ aggression – and – LIBRA’s capacity to cooperate.

                   ARIES’ tendency to dominate – and – LIBRA’s tendency to be too submissive.

                   ARIES’ impulsiveness – and – LIBRA’s social refinement.

                   ARIES’ love of activity – and – LIBRA’s ability to be lazy, to relax and smell the flowers, and to appreciate the beauty in sound, color, form, thought, and nature.

                   ARIES’ love of working with tools – and – LIBRA’s love of all forms of art.


          Failure to recharge one’s Sun sign energy results in depletion, irritability, and increased vulnerability to physical and emotional dis-eases.  The element of one’s Sun sign is the fuel needed to feel alive.  It is the source of vitality and power, the resource for coping with stress and challenges.

          ARIES recharges by:  1)  Vigorous physical activity in the sunlight;  2) Involvement with other fire signs—Leo and Sagittarius;  3) Involvement in promotional type work based on inspired ideas and goals.

          ARIES deprived of regular vigorous physical activity in the sunlight will begin to feel depleted and depressed.  Fire is spontaneous energy that moves quickly.  To stifle fire energy is to literally put it out.


CONFLICT RESOLUTION:  Confronted with conflict, ARIES will attempt to overpower the obstacles, to burn them up or scare them away by a show of force.  Tactfulness is rare for ARIES.  He/she responds with intensity and favors direct action in problem-solving.  Impulse, rather than deliberation, is most likely.