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          ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY is based on the recognition of reincarnation or the fact that life is eternal and we are continually evolving into higher spiritual beings.  The term “reincarnation” may become obsolete once we truly understand the dynamics of living within a cosmic space/time continuum that is eternal.  For now, “reincarnation” is the best term we have for explaining life on the 3rd dimensional physical plane of Earth.

          We, as Soul beings, made the choice to become individualized sparks of the Source.  Prior to making this decision, we existed in total union—as ONE—with the Source of all life.  Those of us evolving on Earth chose to individualize by experiencing duality—negative and positive, masculine and feminine, intellect and intuition, good and evil, Yin and Yang.  We incarnated as “spirit beings having a human experience.”  As we did so, we created “karma”—the results of the Universal Law: “We reap what we sow.” 

          All positive karma is retained permanently in our energy field … it is the “building up of treasures in heaven.”  On the other hand, negative karma must be balanced, transmuted, and/or regenerated into positive energy.  Since the negative karma was created on Earth, it must be balanced on Earth.  Once we have created negative karma, reincarnation becomes the means by which we return to Earth and balance it. 

          As we experienced life on the plane of duality, we forgot who we truly are—sparks of the Source.  Our human involution has now reached the point of believing ourselves to be separate from Source, to be powerless before a God “made in man’s image” who is intent on punishing us if we make the least slip.  We blame this God for everything that goes wrong:  “God created me with this physical challenge” … “God struck me with a brain tumor” … “God took my infant son” … “God wanted my beloved wife with Him, so He took her from me.”  

          Many of us consider ourselves to be “accidents”—unplanned and unwanted.  We view existence on Earth as having to take “whatever life hands me.”  

          With this concept of life, it is no wonder that we view our existence as having no purpose or meaning.  No wonder we live life in fear of what God will do next.  No wonder we conclude:  “God can do whatever God wants to do … I am just a helpless human being.”




1.  SOURCE (or Creator God) is the omnipresent energy of Love and Light from which we emerged as sparks of Divinity. 

2.  We emerged as Divine Sparks because we chose to experience life as individualized spirit beings having the human experience.  This does not mean that we separated from Source; instead, we emerged like a wave emerges from the ocean when it rolls ashore and then returns to the ocean.  While ashore, the wave remains part of the ocean.  We, too, are a Part of the Whole of Source.  Thus, we are a microcosm of the macrocosm.


3.  The cosmos is orderly in its expression and unfolds in accordance with Universal Laws, such as:  “We reap what we sow.”  “Like attracts like.” 


4.  The universe knows who we are—the Esoteric Astrological Natal Chart is our “celestial name.”  (Dane Rudhyar)


5.  Prior to taking on a physical body, we—in cooperation with our Spirit Guides—plan the overall outline of that incarnation.  We form contracts with those who play a major role in our lives, including our parents, our children, our mates.  We agree to assist each other in accomplishing the goals of that incarnation.  We choose our parents for a variety of reasons, but especially because their Soul Contracts will provide the environment we need in order to achieve our goals.  There are no accidental births. 


6.  The events/situations in our lives that we consider negative are, in truth, the negative karma we have created in prior lifetimes that we chose to bring into this incarnation for balancing.  Many souls select very traumatic events as the means of ensuring that they balance the karmic debt and/or learn the lessons we have chosen for this lifetime.  Our Spiritual Guides never allow us to take on more negative karma than we can successfully manage.  The goal is not to go backwards, but forward on our spiritual path.


7.  In order for you and I to experience the plane of duality, we have to have others in our lives who have agreed to create the negativity for us.  All soul contracts are made with great love on the planes of spirit.  While there, we understand that all is love.  Thus, those involved in events/situations on Earth that are challenging or traumatic are fulfilling their contract with us.  Remembering the soul contract, there is no need for forgiveness.  Instead, thankfulness is in order because those souls who agreed to create the negative did so knowing that later they will have to balance the negative karma it creates for them.  The Universal Law “we reap what we sow” unfolds objectively, with no condemnation or judgment.  The concept of “punishment” does not exist within cosmic law.


8.  Each soul brings in enough positive karma, enough developed positive characteristics, enough positive values, enough developed talents to be used in balancing the negative karma.  We are never left defenseless.  This is a major reason for the extreme importance of the Esoteric Astrological Natal Chart.  The chart is the means by which we remember the plans made our soul and Spirit Guides before this incarnation. 


9.  The Esoteric Astrological Natal Chart reveals the Divine Plan for this incarnation.  Children are to be raised in accordance with this Plan.  Each human being is to play an integral role within the overall Divine Plan—a role no one else can assume.  When we treat children as robots, we tear up the divine plan.


10.  Each of us evolves through the zodiac of 12 signs in ever expanding spirals upwards.  For this reason, we cannot say “because she is an Aries and I am a Sagittarius, I have evolved farther along than she has.”  We have no way of knowing on which spiral she or anyone else is evolving.  She, in fact, may be functioning on a higher spiral than we are.  Competition is an unknown to esoteric astrology.  We all walk our own unique path.

Spiral of Growth.jpg

          For additional information on reincarnation and how it expresses in our lives, see:  and

Your Soul’s Plan:  Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You

          Were Born, Robert Schwartz


Why has Astrology been taboo, made to look superstitious?  Because to know who you truly are means you cannot be controlled by those power elites intent on ruling the world.  To know the truth of your unique role in the Divine Plan means you will not submit to being trained in a standardized fashion to become a robot.  Knowing astrology renders us in harmony with the unfolding of the cosmos.  Knowing astrology reminds us that every human being incarnated on Earth for a purpose—to play a specific role that no one else can fulfill.  Knowing astrology reveals the truth that each person is as important as all the others.  Knowing astrology teaches us that service to all our brothers and sisters creates “treasures in heaven” and assists us in balancing our own negative karma.  Knowing astrology reveals that true success is fulfilling our soul contract, thus moving forward on our individual spiritual path.  Esoteric astrology shows us the Way to Wholeness!


For additional information on the history of astrology, see:



The Rays become important as we begin to function on the soul level.  For a brief description of the Rays, see:  You will learn on which Rays you are functioning as you study your Sun, Moon, & Ascendant.  To do so, return to the INTRODUCTION of this course and click on the Zodiac Signs in which your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant are located.  Be sure to check your natal chart to determine their location.


End of 1st Lesson


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