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“Your science enthusiastically seeks to unravel the genetic codes of life without understanding where and how this magnificent order arose.  Your heritage is from the stars.”  --Barbara Marciniak, Path of Empowerment:  Pleiadian Wisdom for a World in Chaos


          The individual expressions of each planet is influenced in three major ways:

                   1.  The zodiac sign in which it is located.

                   2.  The house in which it is located.

                   3.  The aspects in which it is involved.




SUN – represents your Soul, or inner character, your individuality in relationship to the Divine Plan.  Its aspects reveal strong character traits and chief ambitions.


MOON – represents your personality, or outer character, subconscious and instinctual patterns (stemming from prior lifetimes), your emotional qualities and needs.  The MOON represents the sum total of your past lives.


MERCURY – represents your intellect, or reasoning mind—the link between Spirit and Form, your communication skills.  MERCURY is the “Messenger of the Gods.”  Its closest aspect is very important.


VENUS – represents your love nature.  Venus is the planet of harmony, beauty, refinement, cooperation, appreciation of the arts, and unity.  Its basic personality purpose is to assist you in developing an awareness of others.


MARS – represents your desire nature.  MARS grants you the desire to take action, to accomplish and progress in the external world.  MARS is the planet of war—with self and others—your personal “battle of Armageddon” for self-mastery.


JUPITER – represents your Higher Mind or Intuition, your conscience and spiritual interests.  JUPITER is the great Benefic.  The only negative influence it can have is to give the tendency to exaggerate or take on too much.  JUPITER’s basic personality function is to stimulate an interest in your spiritual growth.




SATURN – is the Tester, the Disciplinarian, the Teacher, the Dweller on the Threshold of Higher Consciousness.  (The biblical book of JOB is the story of Saturn leading Job into higher consciousness—“I had heard of you by the hearing of my ear, but now my eye sees you.” SATURN’s goal for you is perfection.  SATURN assists you in bearing and transmuting your negative karma and enables you, through its discipline, to attain the level of perfection that will allow you to continue your Soul’s journey across the Rainbow Bridge onto higher planes of consciousness.  SATURN works with you to create an Ascended Master.


          The zodiac sign in which your SATURN is located indicates the age in which you lived a series of lifetimes that are heavily influencing this incarnation.  (See the “PRECESSION OF THE AGES” following the listing of the planets.)  




          Because they move so slowly, the Outer Planets’ house locations and aspects are more important than the zodiac sign in which they are located. 


URANUS – is the Awakener.  URANUS’ influences grow increasingly positive as you learn the lessons of SATURN.  URANUS is the planet of sudden, unexpected changes that compel you to get out of your ruts, to move beyond the status quo.  Conjunctions and oppositions to URANUS are very important.  URANUS can indicate genius capacity in certain areas.


NEPTUNE – is the Dissolver.  It dissolves old habit patterns in order to create new, more spiritually oriented life patterns.  NEPTUNE relates to altered states of consciousness.  It rules the astral plane and is highly emotional on the personality level.  Lifted to the soul level, NEPTUNE is the planet of mysticism, highly intuitive and artistic.  A strong NEPTUNE in your natal chart can indicate deep sensitivity and a dislike of our society’s coarse, hard nature.  NEPTUNE, on the soul level, grants an attunement to and contact with higher realms and beings.  It is essential to lift NEPTUNE to the soul level; otherwise, NEPTUNE will influence you toward illusions, addictions, and confusion.  It is my personal opinion that most, if not all, persons behaving in an addictive fashion are stifling creative urges. 


PLUTO – is the Transformer.  It breaks down structures in order to renew, reveal, arouse to more constructive action, and to bring about a higher level of consciousness.  PLUTO is very intense.  It rules death of all kinds—death to the old and resurrection to the new.  Its disruptions can be subtle, sudden, and powerful.  PLUTO’s influence can be difficult until you conquer your ego and lift your consciousness to the soul level.  Its work is to transform you into your true Self.


The Universe is assisting you

in your

Ascension Process.



According to Myrna Lofthus

A Spiritual Approach to Astrology


“Stellar and planetary positions in the heavens play a definitive role in establishing a structure and purpose by transmitting energetic influences that outline, and to some extent, define the potential and probable directions of the times in which you live.”  --Barbara Marciniak, Path of Empowerment:  Pleiadian Wisdom for a World in Chaos


4220 A.D. to 6380 A.D.Age of Baha-Ulla (Bahi) Capricorn

                                                Sub-Age Cancer

          “Idea of brotherhood structured into state, the law, and social form of man itself.”


2060 A.D. to 4220 A.D. – Age of Aquarius

                                                Sub-Age Leo

          “Carrying ideal of brotherhood of man to group intelligence and then acting upon this principle through self-expression in Leo.”


980 A.D. to 2060 A.D. – Sub-Age Virgo – “Crusades to present period.  Forming ideas and principles around the brotherhood of man.”

          100 A.D. to 980 A.D. – Age of Pisces – “Dawn of New Man – Christ the prophet:  ‘Have faith in what you see in me and that it can come to life in you also.’  Compassion for others—brotherhood of man principle.”


1180 B.C. to 100 B.C. – Sub-Age Libra – “Athens, Rome in its move around the world.  India in its dying classical days.  Appreciation of world’s beauties created by others.”

          2260 B.C. to 1180 B.C. – Age of Aries – “Moses and the sacrificial lamb.  Proclamation of laws for the sake of self-preservation of the tribe.”


3340 B.C. to 2260 B.C. – Sub-Age Scorpio – “Sphinx, Egypt, Babylon—life surrounds the temples which are the schools.  Underground gods, sacrificial rites.”

          4420 B.C. to 3340 B.C. – Age of Taurus – “Egyptian, Oriental, Near Eastern, Babylonian, Central & South American.  Worship of the Bull.  Back to land to make it productive.  Use of oxen.  Practical sacrifices.  Long, slow lives.”


5500 B.C. to 4420 B.C. – Sub-Age Sagittarius – “Wanderers—traveling in tribes because of a disaster.  Looking for ideal place and adventures.”

          6580 B.C. to 5500 B.C. – Age of Gemini – “Mediterranean-like world—lots of travel, talk, socializing.  Twin-concepts—philosophy of Ying and Yang—the twin life forces of opposite polarity.”


7660 B.C. to 6580 B.C. – Sub-Age Capricorn – “Aftermath of Atlantis sinking—powerful men, but they were not pertinent to what was needed.  Stoicism, but uncaring of what happens—bodies without spirit.”

          8740 B.C. to 7660 B.C. – Age of Cancer – “Final days of Atlantis.  Experimenting on others—physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Turmoil and trouble—water everywhere where not expected.”


9820 B.C. to 8740 B.C. – Sub-Age Aquarius – “Science is a religion.  Mental, diffusive ideas applied in electronics, magnetism, and wave theory.  Spreading knowledge—conferences.  Travel by air, undersea laboratories.”

          10,900 B.C. to 9820 B.C. – Age of Leo – “Golden Age of triumph.  Living in grandeur but frustrated.  Magnificent cities.  Felt power was in them rather than coming to them and then out through them to others.  Pinnacle of Self-expression.”



SUGGESTION:  While you are reading the PRECESSION OF AGES, write down the following:

          1.  The zodiac sign in which your SATURN is in – then find the Age matching the sign.  For example:  Saturn in Aries = Age of Aries. 

                   The Age indicated by the sign placement of your SATURN indicates the age in which you lived a series of lifetimes that are heavily influencing this incarnation.

          2.  The zodiac sign in which your PLUTO RETROGRADE is located.  (If your PLUTO is retrograde, it will have an  at the end of PLUTO’s sign location.)

                   The Age indicated by the sign placement of your PLUTO RETROGRADE indicates a karmic debt stemming from lifetimes lived during that Age—a debt that you brought into this incarnation to balance.   


          You might like to investigate the particular Ages in which your Soul lived.  The likelihood that you will feel attunement to that age is strong because you have soul memories (conscious or subconscious) of having lived during it.

          REMEMBER:  It is your Soul that is eternal and that has lived many different lifetimes.  The personality you have this incarnation is temporary—you took it on for this incarnation only.  Most of us took on a veil of forgetfulness of past lives when we entered this incarnation so that we could focus on the goals of this lifetime.






          The location of planets in the houses of your Natal Chart indicates where you will do your major work.  Empty houses mean there is no real problem; the affairs of that house will flow easily.  There are two exceptions to this:

                   1.  The Locomotive Chart Type – If you are a Locomotive Type, you will feel a vacuum pulling at you to be filled in the areas indicated by your empty houses.

                   2.  Intercepted Signs within an otherwise empty house indicate that the sign energies without a house cusp (meaning no house through which to express its energies) will tend to express in accordance with its negative characteristics. 

                             For example:  A 1st house containing no planets, but having an intercepted sign in it will mean that expressing “Who You Are” in a positive fashion will involve frustrations until you have transformed the intercepted energy’s negative characteristics into their positive expression.




SUN – The Sun’s presence will highlight this house.  The house affairs are illuminated so that you will see the need to fulfill your potential in the areas of life found here.


MOON – Here, you have failed to exhibit enough emotional involvement in previous lives.  As a result, you will tend to be overly emotional in reference to this house affairs.  The goal is to balance your emotional approach to this house.


MERCURY – The mind is very active—analyzing , evaluating, discarding, and communicating what is learned in regards to the affairs of this house.


VENUS – This house affairs are important in resolving karmic obligations.  House affairs need to be worked on and your values reoriented.  Venus blesses the house in which it is located through its beneficial vibrations.


MARS – Much of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual activity will take place in this house affairs.  MARS stimulates you to expand your individuality in the affairs of this house.


JUPITER – Here, there is a need and an opportunity for expansion where you will find fulfillmentJUPITER blesses the house in which it is located with its positive, expansive vibrations.




SATURN – This house affairs will be your arena for testing and setbacks, where you need to re-examine your motives.  SATURN’s presence indicates your approach to the house affairs has been incorrect in prior lifetimes.  SATURN  is your loving father who cares enough about your spiritual progress to require that you learn self-discipline.  SATURN is the “Dweller on the Threshold” to Higher Consciousness.  SATURN makes sure you are ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge.  It is the last of the personal planets.

Rainbow Bridge from 3rd dimension to your I AM PRESENCE (EC Prophet)



          The influence of the outer planets increases as you grow spiritually—as you begin your journey across the Rainbow Bridge into Higher Consciousness and attunement with your Soul/Higher Self and your I AM PRESENCE.


URANUS – With this house affairs, you will experience changes, sudden upsets, and reversals.  Here, you are forced to utilize your talents and skills in order to survive URANUS’ earthquakes – OR – you will allow yourself to be devastated.  If you choose devastation, then the need is to rebuild your life on a much firmer foundation of psychological/spiritual maturity.  You are learning to formulate and stand tall on your own inner foundation.


NEPTUNE – Within this house affairs, you will experience difficulties; you can be deluded.  There is a deep sense of obligation to the house affairs.  NEPTUNE, on the personality level, rules the astral plane of illusions.  On the soul-centered level, NEPTUNE is the most mystical, beneficial of planets.  Difficulties, such as escaping into substance abuse or misusing your psychic powers, occur as you focus on the personality level of this house affairs.  The goal is to lift your consciousness from the level of self-interest to humanitarian interest.  This house affairs is the area in which you have “taken” in prior lifetimes; now, you are to “give.”  Difficulties may express on very subtle levels, unseen by those around you.  NEPTUNE’s goal is to dissolve clarity of thinking—to confuse you, in order to dissolve egotism and outdated life patterns.  It forces you to seek Truth within yourself.  Using NEPTUNE’s positive qualities in this house affairs will offer you unusual blessings.  Resistance to NEPTUNE’s efforts is what causes you pain and suffering.  NEPTUNE leads you into:  1) Divine Love, 2) compassion, and 3) self-sacrifice that is a source of joy to you.


PLUTO – This house is where transformative changes are taking place.  These changes can be difficult because they require you to make a sacrifice so something better may take place.  PLUTO rules the “underworld” or our unconscious being.  In this house affairs, you will be required to descend into your unconscious being, your shadow side, in order to ascend into the Light.  There must be an elevation of your desire nature (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) from the personality level to the desire for inner illumination and spiritual enlightenment.  You are to use the upheavals caused by PLUTO to attune with your own inner wisdom


REMINDER:  Much suffering can be avoided by consciously embarking on intentional holistic growth and spiritual maturity. 


EARTH – the symbol of Earth is the Cardinal Cross within a circle (Look for this symbol in the diagram below).  EARTH will always be located exactly opposite your SUN in your Natal Chart.  For example:  If Sun is located on 3 Aquarius, the Earth will be on 3 Leo. 

          The house in which EARTH is located reveals the physical location of your spiritual Path.

                   For example:  If your Sun is on 3 Aquarius in the 5th house, your Earth will be on 3 Leo in the 11th house.  NOTE:  the meaning of the 11th house.  Your spiritual Path will the Path you tread as you offer your talents to the world-at-large, as you work to fulfill your vision of a better world for the whole of humanity.



I’M IN LOVE WITH ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY!  Studying your NATAL CHART with esoteric astrology reveals the longings of your Soul for this incarnation.  There is no end to the insights you can gain.  Meditate on your Natal Chart … meditate on each of the zodiac energies … meditate with each of the planets.  Your Book of Life will unfold before your eyes.


ALWAYS REMEMBERYour Soul’s goal is to complete and transcend the Map of your Soul for this incarnation.  It is never to defeat with the challenges your Soul took on or to hold you a prisoner of destiny.  Your Soul chose to incarnate with the configurations found in your Natal Chart.  It is these configurations that will lead you into higher consciousness.   YOU INCARNATED TO RE-GAIN KNOWLEDGE OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE!


NOTE:  Spiritual growth must be holistic growth.  There are many paths to Higher Consciousness, but YOU, AS A WHOLE PERSON, MUST WALK THE PATH .  In this regard, you may find both Basic Metaphysics Lessons at this URL to be helpful.





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