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          Planets are “in aspect” when a specified number of degrees separate them.  Planets in aspect reveal a significant means of determining in what areas of life you will have challenges and where you can most easily succeed.  The ORBS OF ASPECT is the number of degrees allowed between the planets in order to still be considered an aspect.  Professional astrologers differ slightly in the Orbs of Aspect. 

          I found that developing a color code for each of the major aspects can be very helpful.  This allows you to see the overall configurations, such as a Grand Trine, Grand Cross, the YOD, etc.  My color code is:  Conjunction = purple, Sextile = red, Square = green, Trine = blue, Opposition = black, & Inconjunct = brown. 

          I suggest using my color coding so we are communicating in this Lesson.




CONJUNCTION - Conjunction.png- Keywords:  Power, emphasis.  Orb limited to 8 degrees—meaning conjunct planets are 0-8 degrees apart.  A Stellum consists of 3 or more planets all conjunct each other.


SEXTILE - Sextile.png - Keyword:  Opportunity.  The Sextile is 60 degrees apart, with an orb allowed of 6 degrees. 


SQUARE - Square.png - Keywords:  Obstacles, stress, challenge.  The Square is 90 degrees apart, with an orb of 8 degrees.


TRINE - Trine.png - Keywords:  Ease, harmony, benefit.  The Trine is 120 degrees apart, with an orb of 8 degrees.


OPPOSITION - Opposition.png - Keyword:  Awareness.  The Opposition is 180 degrees apart, with an orb of 8 degrees.



INCONJUNCT - Inconjunct.png - Keywords:  Discord, adjustments needed.  The Inconjunct is 150 degrees apart, with an orb of 2 degrees.


SEMI-SEXTILE - Semi-sextile.png - Keywords:  Resources, slightly beneficial.  The Semi-Sextile is 30 degrees apart, with an orb of 2 degrees.  I have not color coded the semi-sextile.


QUINITLE - Quintile.png - Keywords:  Talent, special privileges.  The Quintile is a highly          spiritual aspect that is relatively rare.  An individual having several in the natal       chart will be an advanced soul or adept.  The Quintile planets are 72 degrees apart, with an orb of 2 degrees.  


UNASPECTED PLANET – A quality and area of life that is more difficult to express due         to its lack of aspecting energy and ready outlets for expression. 


ASPECT OF FATE – An aspect between planets on the same degree of their zodiac      signs.  Example:  Sun on 4th degree of Leo Sextile.png  Jupiter on 4th degree of Libra. 

          Very powerful aspects indicating destiny.


ASSIGNMENT:  The empty chart below contains an aspect table, resembling the one on your computerized natal chart.

          If you choose to color code your aspects, making them easier to read, copy your house cusps and planets onto the empty chart.  YOU WILL NEED COLORED PENCILS/PENS.  You can place the aspect symbol in its appropriate place in the aspect chart.   This can be important because you may locate aspects that are not listed on the computerized natal chart.


          Reading the aspect chart on your natal chart, draw the aspects between the planets being sure to use the color codes.  YOU WILL NEED TO USE A RULER.


NOTE:  The planets are listed in the bottom line of the aspect chart.  Read vertically to determine each aspect.  Example:  Looking on our Sample Chart, find SUN on the bottom line, then read the vertical column above the SUN.  LOOK FOR THE ASPECT SYMBOLS in the column.  Not all planets will be aspected by the SUN.  This individual’s SUN is  Jupiter,  Saturn,  Uranus and  the Midheaven (or 10th house cusp).

          In our Sample Chart, the MOON is  Mars,  Saturn,  Neptune,  Pluto,  the Ascendant, and  the Midheaven (10th house cusp).


          Aspects to the Ascendant – influence the temperament and character.

          Aspects to the Midheaven – influence the degree of success in the outer world.


          Check your work … it is extremely easy to look down the wrong column.

          Once you have all of your color coded aspects drawn, you can see whether or not you have any of the GRAND ASPECTS.




GRAND TRINE – consists of a Triangle of Blue Lines between three planets.  The Grand Trine is a very beneficial influence, revealing innate talents already well developed.  You can determine the talents by studying each of the planets involved in the Grand Trine.  Warning:  It is possible to become lazy about using your talents when they come so easily to you.  The goal is to use them for the benefit of others, to make a real difference in the world. 


GRAND CROSS – consists of 4 planets all square each other—green lines forming a square.  This is a fairly rare aspect and indicates that you brought in a heavy burden this lifetime with which you must deal.  The Grand Cross reminds you that this incarnation is crucial for your soul development.  You are to use the positive influences in your chart to help you overcome the challenges presented by the Grand Cross.  REMEMBER:  You are never allowed to take on more than you can successfully achieve;  thus, your soul is mature enough to take on this Grand Cross.


T-SQUARE – consists of one opposition (black line) between two planets that are also square (green lines) the same 3rd planet.  The leg of the T-square is the Sign and house exactly opposite the 3rd planet of the T-square.  It is this zodiac sign and house that reveals how the tensions of the T-square can be turned into the most good.  Study the leg of the T-square.   A T-square requires a change in consciousness in order to manifest good from the challenge.


EXAMPLE:  The 3rd planet of the T-square is Saturn on the 10th degree of Libra in the 11th house, thus the leg of T-square is the energy of Aries in the 5th house.


          If you find no GRAND ASPECTS in your chart, that is okay.  Benefits and challenges can be expressed through numerous aspects/configurations within your chart.


          Have fun color coding your Natal Chart!






          The Squares and Oppositions are influenced by the three ways in which the 4 elements (fire, earth, water, & air) operate.  These 3 ways are: 

                   1. CardinalInitiating

                   2.  Fixed – Consolidating

                   3.  Mutable – Alternating, adapting



          Reveal faults and unlearned lessons stemming from the previous lifetime.  If you transform their energy into positive expressions, they can be successfully handled and will not manifest in the FIXED SIGNS in a later incarnation.



          Reveal the harmful effects of self-will.  The challenges/adjustments represented by these squares and oppositions are the most difficult to transform because they represent habit patterns that are deeply engrained from many previous lifetimes.  They will require self-discipline and your conscious intention to transform them.  These fixed squares and oppositions tend to create stress or inner tension until you have learned to convert their energy into positive manifestations. 



          These squares and oppositions are the easiest to overcome because they are just forming.  Mental self-discipline and positive thinking can go a long way toward blocking and eliminating them.




TRINES - signify innate talents that have been well developed in past lifetimes.  They manifest within your life expression effortlessly.  You witness an innate talent, for example, in a small child singing professionally.


SEXTILES – represent beneficial influences in your life, but they have to be activated.  Until they are activated, they lie dormant within your energy field.  Have you tried a new activity and found that you are very good at it on the first attempt?  That is your latent sextile that has been waiting for you to call it into action.


THE YOD – consists of 2 planets inconjunct (brown line) each other, with 3rd planet sextile (red lines) both of the 2 inconjunct planets.  The orb for the YOD is 7-8 degrees for the Sun and Moon; 5-6 degrees for the other planets. 

          According to Ted George, in his The Lives You Live As Revealed In the Heavens, the YOD is a very significant configuration.  If you have a YOD, you are chosen by God to fulfill a special purpose.  The YOD is also called “the Finger of God.”   

          Study the zodiac signs and houses of the planets involved; they will reveal a divinely guided direction for you.  The YOD = Divine Guidance.  Having one YOD is fairly frequent.  Having two or more is less frequent and means that your destiny is marked by God.  According to George:  “It is very powerful, but not in a powerful way.  It is a spiritual gift.  In whatever way it is manifested, it will be of spiritual guidance to many people.”

          You can know that anyone having a YOD is a good person.  The YOD affects each individual in unique ways, while it results in good for many others.


THE HAND OF GOD – According to George, “If the degree and sign of your Ascendant is the same as the degree and sign of the Solar Eclipse immediately preceding your birth, you are blessed with the HAND OF GOD configuration.  It means that an element was contributed by higher spiritual beings during the 4 minutes period prior to and including your birth.  (An accurate time of birth is required.)  Your life is to be one of selfless service, while being blessed of God for that service.


ASSIGNMENT:  List each planet and its aspects.  Practice interpreting the aspect, keeping in mind the following:

                   1.  The meaning of the aspect.  For example:  If a square, there is a challenge in the positive expression of the two planets involved.

                   2.  The meaning of the 2 planets involved.  For example:  If an opposition exists between your Venus and your Saturn, you need to develop an awareness of the ways in which you express love and adopt a more positive means of demonstration and acceptance of the loved one. 



          You now have in hand the means by which to STUDY YOUR SOUL’S PURPOSE FOR THIS INCARNATION.  May you be blessed with divine guidance and insights as you study.   THE UNIVERSE KNOWS YOU BY YOUR CELESTIAL NAME—YOUR NATAL CHART!

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