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Part I

The following are excerpts from

A.D.K. Luk’s Law of Life & Teachings by Divine Beings, Books I-III

With Notes by

Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

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          The above named books, which are now out-of-print, describe the world of spirit—the 5th dimension and above.  As we live out the last 3 years of the 4th World Age on the 3rd dimensional plane of duality, we need to widen our perspective of life to include the cosmos and the multiple dimensions of existence.  Many Earth humans are approaching a giant leap in consciousness into this cosmic world.  I offer the following excerpts to encourage all of us to begin thinking in much more expansive terms, for by doing so we lift our consciousness to higher levels.  Until we set aside the old and embark on the new, little do we know how exciting it is to experience “The Truth Will Set You Free!”


          The Ascended Masters, or Great White Brotherhood, are those Earth human beings who have undergone successfully the Initiation Process and ascended into higher consciousness.  The Master Teacher, Jesus, demonstrated this Initiation Process for Earth humans—regardless of religious affiliation.  You may find a summary of this process in an article entitled “ASCENSION” found in the center of my home page at  (scroll down to it).  Some of those Earth humans who ascend choose to remain close to Earth and to assist their brothers/sisters in ascending.  This group is called the Great White Brotherhood—having nothing to do with race and everything to do with the White Light of Spirit.


          The Law of Life & Teachings by Divine Beings offers teachings by the Ascended Masters, many of whom we know as biblical characters now going by their Soul Name.  I list the name of the Ascended Master, or other Divine Being, before his/her teachings with the date on which it was given.




Lord Maha Chohan, Summer 1956:  “There are only two activities in all of life….  There is only the in-breath and the out-breath.  There is the magnetization (the in-breath) of the gifts and power of the God Presence, and then Its radiation (the out-breath).  Both of these activities take place at Cosmic levels with regard to solar systems, galaxies, and the entire universe.

          On the out-breath when creation takes place, the Central Sun of a system breathes forth the Suns from within Its own Aura.  Each Sun then, in Its turn, breathes out the planets destined to be part of the solar system.  This comprises an expression of the out-breath of Deity as regards a galaxy and a solar system.

          At the end of a “Cosmic Day,” the Central Sun of that system notifies all the Suns below It that it is time for the in-breathing of their planets, in preparation for the in-breathing of all the Suns and their planets back into the Electronic Belt of the Central Sun.”


NOTE:  All bodies within the cosmos are Living Beings.


Lord Lante, August 1953:  “When first the Earth became a habitable home, it was required of the Law that the Manu descend into the physical appearance world, carrying with Him the Magnetic Rod of Power, which would be the cohesive force holding the souls destined to embody and evolve into mastery within and on the Earth, and in its Aura.

          When a planet becomes ready for habitation, this mystic Pole is drawn by one of the guardians of the race, for without It the souls would have no lasting affinity for the theater of their evolution.  As that directed Ray was precipitated from the hearts of the Father and Mother of the system (Helios & Vesta), It became the Pathway over which the first rhythmic release of mankind’s spirits walked into the world, and took form, together with the guardian Spirits.”


NOTE:  Who are we Earth humans?  We are spirits who took on a physical body for a while and who walk in the company of our guardian Spirits. 


Master Jesus, April 1958:  “The gravity pull of Earth is a beautiful thing.  It is a part of the activity of Polaris and Magnus, it is a part of the service of the great Beings that dwell in the Earth and protect the permanent Atom therein.  That gravity pull is necessary, for it keeps the people, all those unascended, on the planet.  It enables them to walk about without flying into space as this small Earth revolves around its axis and moves forward at the same time at great speed.  The gravity pull holds all the souls belonging to the Earth in the orbit of the Earth.”


Lord Maha Chohan, August 1956:  “Every planet of this solar system vibrates at a different rate.  This was proven centuries ago with the experimentations of beloved Kuthumi in the Pythagorean school.  Every planet of this system has a different vibration as well as music, which represents the Keynote of that planet as it swings around the Sun.  Each vibration should be a part of the Music of the Spheres.  The Keynote of the planet Earth is off center and flat, a dissonance in the Music of the Spheres, and for that reason the Earth has been circled round by a special protective ring of Light, so that the dissonance cannot affect the rest of the solar system.”


 Goddess Vesta, August 1956:  “The galaxy to which the Earth belongs came from the Central Sun of Alpha and Omega and has seven Suns with 49 planets….  On the in-breath, which is the point you are coming to now in your own galaxy, the Suns began ascending, number 12 entering into the orbit of 11, number 11 going into the orbit of number ten and so on, all the planets of that system also ascending one space….  Venus will move inward into the orbit of Bella.  Venus and Earth will still be together, Venus above the Earth as now, because they will both move in one space.”


NOTE:  Goddess Vesta is describing the Ascension through which planet Earth is about to go … Earth will move forward one space.  Those Earth humans who are not ready to ascend will be allowed to transfer to another planet vibrating at the 3rd dimensional level and continue their spiritual evolution into ascension there.  All unfolds according to freewill choice.


Lord Maha Chohan, May 1952:  “Each of the seven planets of this solar system must be quickened to enter and sustain itself in the orbit of the graduating planet.  Great Beings are delegated to the task of quickening the vibrations of these planets and We, Whose responsibility rests with the Earth, must prepare this planet and its people to vibrate at the rate of Venus’ present perfection.”


NOTE:  Great Beings are assigned to help all Earth humans who choose to ascend with planet Earth.


God Helios, March 1955:  “After we received our Sun initiation, We designed through communication, thought, and loving feeling the planets of this system.  We created them of Light and of Life.  Then through that power of cohesion We drew the great Silent Watcher, Who offered to hold within Her own bosom and body the Light pattern of those planets.  Through the power of cohesion We drew the Seven Elohim, who came and offered to help us to build.  We drew the Archangels and Archaii, the Seraphim and Cherubim.” 


NOTE:  “Then God said, ‘Let us make…”  Genesis 1

            “The Word was in the beginning, and that very Word was with God, and God was that Word.  John 1:1

            Creation takes place through the spoken word (communication), thought, and loving feeling.


Immaculata, July 1954:  “When a Sun God and Goddess choose to apply for the opportunity of creating a solar system, They expand Their Sphere of Influence, to the point where the periphery would encompass all the planets, satellites, and all belonging to the system.  Through the fiat, ‘Let There Be Light,’ They spun from Their Beings the universal Light substance for this system.”


Archangel Michael:  “When a Central Sun takes the Cosmic Initiation to create a galaxy, opportunity to develop and mature is given to three evolutionary intelligences:  the mankind, Angelic, and Elemental. 

          The Intelligences inhabiting the Central Sun are known as the Archangels.  They possess the full power of the God and Goddess of the galaxy.  They radiate the Light that fills the system, forming the atmosphere.  In the rhythmic out-breathing of the Central Sun as each lesser Sun is sent forth, seven Archangels and Their Twin Flames go forth to guard all the evolutions of the Sun and its planets.  They guard the Sun, the planets, satellites, the seven inner Spheres of the solar system, mankind, the Angelic Beings and the Elementals.

          The Plan is not for Archangels to embody on a planet, which is meant for another type of evolution.

          Legions of Angelic Beings came from the Central Sun with Us.  Their purpose of being is to fulfill the Divine Plan which is also Our Plan.  Besides, We have Angelic Beings Who have and are evolving within this solar system who join Our ranks at times, similar to when human beings make the Ascension.  They join the Great White Brotherhood.

          The Power of God externalized the universe through Love.  Through Love, Helios and Vesta projected forth every planet just the right distance.  Every solar system of planets and satellites are held by Love within their orbits as the whole galaxy rushes forward through space with lightening-like speed toward a destiny known only by the Godhead.”


NOTE:  Through Love we and all of creation were brought forth.  We live and move and have our being within the energy of Love.  (Acts 17:28)


Master Jesus, May 1956:  “[Helios & Vesta] used the same two activities We are endeavoring now to develop among the earnest and sincere students, the power of magnetizing good and then radiating that forth.”


Maha Chohan, September 1953:  “The Cosmic Silent Watcher is the first Being Who is called after the Sun of a system decides to create planets.  Into the consciousness, the mind and the body of the Silent Watcher is impressed by the Father and Mother of the system the entire Pattern for every planet.  It is upon the ability of the Silent Watcher to hold that Pattern, Plan, and Blueprint completely unchanging, that the final manifestation depends.  The Cosmic Silent Watcher received into Herself, the Pattern of the planets of this system, the rivers, the lakes, the trees, the mountains of each one, each designed according to the requirements of the evolution that was to evolve upon it.  These seven lesser Silent Watchers were sent forth, Who in turn embodies the Design of just one planet.  They are something like an architect except that it is a living and breathing activity of Love and Light and not merely lines on a blueprint page.”


NOTE:  Read Daniel 4 in which King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream includes the Silent Watchers—referred to here as “holy watchers.”


Great Divine Director, May 1954:  “Our Planetary Silent Watcher is known as the great Brooding Presence.  If the Being should lose for a second the pattern of the Earth, it would cause it to return to nothingness.  She has held the concentrated focus of the Earth as given to Her from the Cosmic Silent Watcher, since it was designed, and for millions of years beyond the time originally scheduled for its perfection.  She also held the pattern for every lifestream destined to manifest perfection on Earth.”


Virgin Globe.jpg

Virgin Globe


NOTE:  Try to comprehend the Great Love in which Earth humans are cradled.  Yet, we Earth humans are millions of years behind in our spiritual evolutionary progress toward perfection. 

          “Be ye perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect.”  Matthew 5:48

          The Master Jesus spoke these words 2000 years ago and still Earth humans appear to have no greater comprehension of His words.


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