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Part II

The Following Are Excerpts From

The Law of Life & Teachings By The Divine Beings

A.D.K. Luk

With Notes by

Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

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Archangel Michael, May 1953 – “Then came the seven Elohim, the great Builders of Form, each clothed in robes representative of His office.  Then I came with the other six Archangels, and We conferred together upon the creation and sustenance of a solar system.

          Helios and Vesta showed Us on the Cosmic Screen the planets which They had decided to externalize from Their own Light Bodies, to cradle the members of the seven root races.  They had applied to the Central Sun for these which were to evolve into Ascended Beings.

          Each planet was created for the particular number of lifestreams which had been decided upon by the God-Parents, to give opportunity for evolution upon it.  The contour of its surface and the size of the planet corresponds to the particular evolution within the mind of the Father and Mother of the root race.

          Then We Who represent the protecting power of each successive planet came forth and stayed until the evolution returned in full mastery to the God-Parents.

          There was the majestic Presence of Virgo, the flaming Presence of Aries, and the serene Presence of Neptune, Who stood before the Elohim and accepted the opportunity and responsibility of drawing the elemental substance from Their own kingdoms into the matrix of Electronic Light formed by the Elohim from the Rays of Their own hearts.

          Through invocation These three Beings drew around Them Nature Devas, Builders of Form, and small Elementals representing Their kingdoms.  The Beings of the various kingdoms accepted the voluntary imprisonment which would be required to make a habitable globe for the new and innocent spirits as well as for the recalcitrant members from the preceding planets of this solar system, but not those of the systems above this.

          As there were some who were unable to complete their evolution, and it was necessary that they be moved to the next planet when it had coalesced and was ready for habitation.  These souls were carried within the Auras of the Archangels and joined with the newly born spiritual egos who were destined for a small number of lifestreams, yet it took upon itself the residue of all the preceding planets of this system, as well as the new egos who were to have the first embodiment in physical form upon it.

          I was chosen to bring to Earth the first lifestreams who were to embody for the first time.  This group was prepared at inner levels and was chosen for this opportunity.”


NOTE:  The Love with which all souls are created and cared for by the Divine Beings.  Those who choose not to ascend with Earth (Gaia) by 2012 will be carried to another planet that suits the level of their conscious awareness.  They will continue to evolve on that planet.


Master Jesus, June 1954 – “It was love that caused Helios and Vesta to apply to the heart of creation for opportunity to create a universe.  It was love that helped Them to fashion out of Light the beautiful planet.  It was love in that great mighty Cosmic Silent Watcher that drew Her voluntarily and made Her to accept the pattern of this universe into Her own living body, willing to remain as long as was required until that pattern could be externalized and every portion and part thereof developed and matured.

          It was love that drew the Elohim and in Their great and sweet desire to do the Will of God, caused Them to look upon the Divine pattern and then weaving the energies of Their own consecrated lives create the planets of this system.  It was love beyond the human mind to conceive that drew mighty Virgo, that drew Neptune, and Aries.  They came with a tremendous number of spirits representative of Their kingdoms and perfected the Earth, so beautiful that it was comparable to the Sun, shining and the harmony and the melody of its natural Keynote adding to the Music of the Spheres.

          It was love in the heart of Amaryllis that drew forth every known type of flower.  It was love, love infinite beyond measure that drew the guardian Spirits from their own superior evolution, and made them in love volunteer to help the earth spirits to manifest perfection.”


NOTE:  Contrast the love with which our planet was created with the destruction humankind has mindlessly inflicted upon it.  Wake up to Love, folks!


Arcturus, December 1954 – “It is the same in every application, from the smallest personal thing to the greatest Cosmic endeavor.  It has not come through happenstance or by a gift of faith, but is an actual precipitation which has proceeded first through the (1) will to do it, (2) the perception of what one wishes, (3) the love to fulfill it, (4) the purity of consciousness to hold it untouched by imperfection, (5) the concentration upon the design, (6) the rhythm of application in decree or silent mental thought force, and the feelings pouring Light into it, (7) then encase it round with peace and consecrate it and dedicate it to the use of the race.  Seal it in the Flame of the Eloah of Peace.”


NOTE:  The Universal Laws of manifestation


Hercules, September 1954 – “They willed to externalize the pattern Helios and Vesta desired (First Ray action)….  Through the Ray of Wisdom They perceived each planet as it was intended, the size, the rivers, mountains, vegetation and atmosphere, and the number of lifestreams which were to come upon it, (Second Ray).  Through the Flame of Divine Love (cohesion) They each in turn drew the Light pattern from the bosom of the Silent Watcher.  They felt the Love of Orion and desired to cooperate with the God-Parents of this system to bring forth the planet into perfect form.  It was Love which enabled Them to accept Their Design, rather than to project Their own, (Third Ray).  The Design was being held inviolate by the Flame of Purity of the Eloah of Purity, so that not even a blade of grass would be conceived out of Their minds, but every detail would be manifest according to the Divine Plan (Fourth Ray). 

          Then the radiation of Vista, holding the concentration of energy, and channeling it, called for the Builders of Form, the Angel Devas and the Directors of the Powers of the Elements so that They could coalesce Their energies and talents around one planet at a time, thus serve until it was completed.  This concentration was very important so that the planet was ready when the Manu of the first root race and His people who were to embody upon it could come forth.  When They created the planets of this system They came rhythmically.  It was the power of the Ray of Concentration which drew and coalesced the actual form of the Earth (Fifth Ray).  Then Arcturus in rhythm of Invocation and Music perfected every tiny part until it all shone like a diamond, (Seventh Ray).  When the creation of the planet was completed it was set into motion by the Eloah of Peace through the Three-fold Flame within His heart, and the Earth began its revolution as the radiation of His Peace flowed forth.  The Three-fold Flame began to hum and sing and the planet began to revolve upon its axis (Sixth Ray).

          The Sun of Even Presence in the center sent forth a radiation producing a soft glow on the surface on the Earth.  As there was no decay the vegetation at the end of its season of expression, each manifestation just disappeared.

          The Elohim, the universal Builders, have the universal Light substance as Their canvas, the Causal Body of the Central Sun as Their paint, the Cherubim, Seraphim, Angel Devas, and Builders of Form as Their brushes, to create planets, stars, and systems which is Their work.  The Music of the Spheres is the sound of the energies of creation as They do Their perfect work in joy, harmony, and perfection.”

The Elohim - “Rhythm provides nourishment for the form.  Then came the action of the Eloah of Peace Whose service is to seal the finished creation in the protection and perfection of Cosmic Peace.”


Eloah Orion, October 1954 – “When a planet is completed and it begins its revolutions on its axis, the Music of the Spheres begins to pour forth from it.  The radiation of the Eloah of Peace holds the form of the planet from disintegration, because where harmony, peace, and tranquility abide, that which one has drawn forth cannot be taken away from him nor disintegrate.  The Eloah of Peace enfolds and seals all creations in a planetary scheme brought forth by the Elohim, for the period of existence designed for that creation.”


NOTE:  There is a Divine Plan for all of creation.  We are never left alone to find our way the best we can.  Inner guidance is always available to us.


NOTE:   According to the time of our birth into a physical body, each Soul is functioning on one or more of the Rays.  The Seven Major Rays are:

          The First Ray – The Ray of Will/Power.  If your Sun Sign is Aries, Leo, or Capricorn, you are functioning on the First Ray.  

          The Second Ray – The Ray of Love/Wisdom.  If your Sun Sign is Gemini, Virgo, or Pisces, you are functioning on the Second Ray.

          The Third Ray – The Ray of Active Intelligence.  If your Sun Sign is Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, you are functioning on the Third Ray.

          The Fourth Ray – The Ray of Harmony through Conflict.  If your Sun Sign is Taurus, Scorpio, or Sagittarius, you are functioning on the Fourth Ray.

          The Fifth Ray – The Ray of Concrete Knowledge.  If your Sun Sign is Leo, Sagittarius, or Aquarius, you are functioning on the Fifth Ray.

          The Sixth Ray – The Ray of Devotion & Idealism.  If your Sun Sign is Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces, you are functioning on the Sixth Ray.

          The Seventh Ray – The Ray of Ceremonial Order & Magic.  If your Sun Sign is Aries, Cancer, or Capricorn, you are functioning on the Seventh Ray.

                   ----Information on the Rays taken from Alan Oken’s Soul-Centered

                             Astrology:  A Key to Your Expanding Self


Planet Earth is functioning on the Second Ray of Love/Wisdom.  Therefore, as inhabitants of the Earth, each of us function on one or more Rays within the energy of Love/Wisdom.   We live and move and have our being within the energy of Love/Wisdom.


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