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Part III

The Following are Excerpts From

The Law of Life & Teachings By Divine Beings
A.D.K. Luk, Editor

 With Notes In Brackets By
Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

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 Goddess of Liberty, July 1954:  “At the time when the Sun chose to create this solar system, twelve great Beings volunteered to embody the Twelve-fold Nature of the Sun God and Goddess, and to become the foci of the mighty Virtues in the Electronic Belt around the Sun.  I was One of Those.  Our relationship to the Sun each One, is to specialize in, concentrate and draw in intensification the power of one of these particular God Virtues.  All Twelve Virtues are embodied within the consciousness of Helios and Vesta.  That Virtue which I have chosen to embody, to radiate, and pour forth, is the God Virtue of Liberty.  (She is mankind’s Cosmic Mother.)

           The original zodiac referred to these 12 Cosmic Temples or Houses in which each One of Us Who represent the Twelve Virtues of the Godhead abide.  Like the Rays of Light in the Causal Body pictured on the chart [of our Divine Self, for example], our radiation pours forth into the universe.  As the planets in orderly sequence pass around the Sun, the concentrated radiation and power of each one of the Twelve Virtues is intensified for a period of 30 or 31 days, while the planet is within the House or Temple of that concentrated Ray….  During the month when the consciousness of mankind is focused upon Libra [approximately 9/23 – 10/22], the consciousness, radiation, and power of Liberty flows through the Earth and nourishes the Liberty Flame within the soul and inner self of mankind.

           In the course of the 12 months, as the Earth passes around the Sun, for every 30 days, one of the mighty Virtues plays upon the planet and through the inner bodies of its people with greater intensity.  When the original Cosmic zodiac again comes forth and the Law allows, those of you who are wise, giving attention to the outpouring of that Cosmic Virtue can with yourselves magnetize Liberty, Truth, or Purity within whatever House the planet [Earth] rests.” 

Helios, March 1955:  “There is no such thing as malicious influence from these twelve Cosmic Focuses.  There are only condensations of powerful life and nourishment.  As the planet Earth and its sister planets enter for 30 days into each such House, the specific blessings of those Beings do nourish the inner centers [chakras] of the individual. They particularly stimulate those who have come to birth in any embodiment under the auspices of that House.

           In the House of Aries [approximately March 21 – April 21] – there are the sylphs, the Devas of the air, the exquisite Temples built like the castles in fairy tales of old.  There is the substance and energy provided for the air itself which you breathe, the purifying power of it.  There is focused the Cosmic Virtue of Wisdom.

           In the House of Pisces [approximately February 21 – March 20] is the focus of beloved Neptune, the purity of the water element.  There are the undines, and all the focuses that represent the water element in which they are trained.  The purifying powers of Neptune do flood forth through the Earth, at that time of the year specifically.

           In the House of Aquaria [approximately January 22 – February 21], mankind came close to His name in Aquarius.  In that House is the momentum of progress, of stimulation, of the intensification of growth.  From Aquaria for the New Age, we see the stimulation of the spiritual interest within the consciousness of mankind.     

          Within the heart of the great Being Minerva Who has been called Capricorn, in this House [approximately December 22 – January 21], we find the focus of discrimination, discretion, perception, intuition.  There are mighty forces and elements flooding through the Earth and its atmosphere during the period when Her outpouring is so great, that can be absorbed by the receptive consciousness.  Even as the Spring flower absorbs the specific radiation of April or May, according to its own perfect design.

           The House of Sagittarius [approximately November 22 – December 22] belongs to mighty Zarathustra, the spirit of fire, of enthusiasm.  Here live the salamanders, and those who work particularly with the Elementals of fire.  The radiation and powers of the Zarathustras has been shown through all the histories of the Earth, down through the Atlantean and Lemurian ages back to the beginning of time.

          The House that has unfortunately been called Scorpio [approximately October 23 – November 22] is a Focus of Mighty Victory.  All His powers and the momentum of victory of hundreds of thousands of centuries of accomplishment is within the radiation and the power that flows through Him.

           The House of Libra [approximately September 23 – October 22], close to that of the Goddess of Liberty in name, is a Focus of Liberty and of Freedom to this Earth.

           The House of Virgo [approximately August 23 – September 22] represents the balance of Virgo, the solidity, the assurance and the confidence.  A few of these great Beings were fortunate enough not to have the clouds of misconception drawn across Their beautiful faces, and They stand still revealed in the majesty and mastery of Their Light.

           That which has been distorted into Leo [approximately July 21 – August 22], the lion, is the House of Apollo, the Master like Saint Germain of royalty, courtesy, dignity, and princely charm.

           That which has been called Cancer [approximately June 21 – July 21], is the Focus of Cyclopea, now known as Vesta, with all the power of concentration, all the power through consecration that is His.

           Gemini [approximately May 22 – June 21], that two-fold name, two-fold nature, is the House of the Cosmic Christ, the Focus of Love, of Lord Maitreya (at that time, He is now the Buddha – the Editor).  The Christ man working through personality, the Divine Image imbedded perhaps in flesh.”

           The House of Taurus [approximately April 21 – May 22] is really that of mighty Hercules, the Focus of faith, strength, of courage, and of power.

           As you pass from month to month through these various signs, you are passing through the Virtues which are radiated from Our own Bodies.  Those Virtues are provided by Our conscious invocation to the Central Sun and endeavor to duplicate in Ourselves the nature of that Central Sun.  You can avail yourself through the magnetic power of your own thought, of the blessing of that specific stream of concentrated energy which plays upon your Earth and through your vehicles.  That specific radiation is a power that can raise one man in one embodiment, whereas it would take another a thousand embodiments to accomplish it by self effort.  I have seen it done.  Those who progress beyond the masses must have made available to them certain spiritual nourishment.  Jesus said that He had food to eat that man knew not of.  Because any individual even like yourself, who is willing to give more than ordinary assistance to the masses, is likewise given the opportunity to take of nourishment of which mankind knows nothing.  Take them or leave them.  Because that is the Law of Life.”

 [“Take them or leave them.  Because that is the Law of Life.”  Here Helios is reminding us that we have freewill.  We can choose to be nourished by the Virtues in each zodiac House or we can ignore them.  That we have freewill choice is the Law of Life.]


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