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Part IV

The Following Are Excerpts From

The Law of Life & Teachings By Divine Beings
A.D.K. Luk, Editor

With Notes By Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

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Life on the planet URANUS

Lord Maha Chohan, July 1956:  “URANUS is a very large planet and there are a tremendous number of lifestreams evolving upon it.  The people on this large planet of Uranus are beyond disease, death, or decay.  The vibratory action is much more rapid than it is upon the Earth [the reason our telescopes see incorrectly].  The people are of larger statue; they are seven to eight feet tall, golden haired and blue-eyed.  Strength, vitality, and power are the predominant qualities.  The people of Uranus are those described as belonging to the time of the Amazons, when the beautiful ladies of the golden hair dwelt on Earth.  Most of them came from Uranus and many of them have during their repetition of earth life taken on smaller bodies through mercy and wisdom of the Cosmic Law, in order to be less conspicuous….

          On Uranus, the center of the entire planetary scheme is built on the spiritual priesthood, which is fully acknowledged and which governs not only the main continent where the main Temple is located, but also the other continents on that planet.  The people there recognize absolutely the Divine Sovereignty of this Cosmic priesthood.

          The people of Uranus are very large in proportion and very beautiful.  A three year old child stands as high as four and a half feet.  They are trained from childhood in the Rites of Invocation, and Radiation; in the powers of levitation, precipitation, and etherealization.  The Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings walk and talk with them as you walk and talk with each other.  There is no veil, no maya [illusion], no human creation around the planet and it is a most marvelous thing to see what an evolution can accomplish when there are not those rip tides of psychic energy, nothing to hinder the expansion of the Immortal Flame within the heart fulfilling the Divine Plan and Pattern.

          Their buildings are colossal.  Having the power of levitation, there is no need for mechanical machinery.  Everything is done by mindforce; the coloring is done by feeling.  Their atmosphere is perfect.  The moisture does not come in rainfall, but by a coarse substance that comes through what is similar to your earth.  The body structure itself of Uranus is a beautiful green instead of brown.  The moisture comes through the porous substance, fills their lakes, rivers, and cisterns, and fills the atmosphere with the necessary moisture.  The water is aquamarine; the landed surface is a darker green; the verdure and growth variegated in color.  That is determined mostly by the Aura of the individuals who represent the unit of people residing in certain localities.  The continental Devas affect the entire contour and over-all color of the various continents.  The great planetary Silent Watcher governs and controls the entire Uranium Aura in the atmosphere.

          When a citizen decides to create a temple or a lovely home, he uses mindforce.  He directs his attention to the God-self or perhaps to some Master who is developed in the art of architecture.  Then through mindforce he cuts his design and builds.  Buildings are mostly open to the sky, some have canopies for beauty’s sake but not for protection form the elements, because there is no need for it.  When it comes to the great Temple work the priesthood alone works on that.  The priesthood draws from the Universal First Cause the design and pattern.  When these patterns have been received by the priesthood they are then imparted to the ones that will participate in the building, in the same manner as Sanat Kumara imparts the Thought-form of the year to the Hierarchy.  Then the Temples are built.

          The one designated to do the coloring will draw on the Flame in his heart until he gets a concentrate of that particular color of blue energy, for instance, in, through, and around him, and then just like one puts point on with a brush, that blue energy flows out from him and just covers over that portion of the column, fresco, ceiling, or floor that is to be blue.  So each color is put on, they do all that through feeling.  They can do it very quickly or they can take time, as you know it, according to their desire.  Sometimes they create a family home that will last for hundreds of years.

          The music on Uranus is strong, powerful, and vibrant, similar to “The Marseillaise” and all those songs like “Pomp & Circumstance” that represent faith and triumph.

          Their activities are particularly concerned with the New Age….  Much has been said about the Aquarian Age.  This is because Uranus will enter into the Aquarian orbit; then the Earth entering the Uranium orbit, will in the next Cosmic wave go into the Aquarian orbit.  There are people here [on Earth] from Uranus, Mercury, and Venus as well as those who belong to the Earth.  Each one brings some memory of his planet and evolution.  Facts about other planets have come through individuals who came from these planets.

          In the establishment of a contact between Uranus and Earth, it is important to realize that the Earth’s next step will be to enter into the socket of Uranus on the horizontal motion.  When the upward motion takes place, the Earth will move upward into the place in the solar system above, now occupied by Venus.” 

          [This movement of Earth is what we call the “ascension of Earth.  Earth’s inhabitants have been granted the privilege to ascend with the planet if we so choose.  Those who choose not to ascend with Earth will be taken to another planet where the 3rd dimensional plane of duality continues to exist.  Those who choose to ascend must complete the Initiatory Process demonstrated by Jesus 2000 years ago.  See my website: for additional information … scroll down the center of my home page to my article entitled “Ascension.”  Jesus’ demonstration of the Initiatory Process stands above religion and applies to all Earth inhabitants.]

Life on the Planet AQUARIA

Maha Chohan, August 1955 – “The vibratory action of the planet AQUARIA is much more rapid than on Uranus since it is closer to the Sun.  The evolution of its people is much more quickly accomplished.  When Mercury has entered within the Electronic Belt of the Sun, Aquaria will be the closest to the Sun. 

          Aquaria is a smaller planet than Uranus and looking at it from Cosmic space, it presents a beautiful blue color, something like aquamarine, its color being a combination of the aquamarine and turquoise that is seen in the most perfect jewels.  Everything about it, even its verdure, flowers, and its nature kingdoms are all on the Seraphic lines of the most delicate and refined stature.  The people are very delicately fashioned as well, their hands, the contour of their faces, their bodies and forms are all very slim.  They have long slender feet and golden hair like those on Uranus.  The fine, delicate line of feature and design of person, home, and Temple are very evident.

          The Aquarians have accomplished mastery of the Immortal Three-fold Flame within their hearts until It is visible so that the people of Aquaria are luminous from the waist upward and the Light blazes forth.  Everyone wears a natural crown of Light made up of the seven Rays of the Elohim.  Their jewels are precipitated fire, and all is done with delicacy and great finesse.

          Their garments are mostly in the Grecian style, both men and women.  Their children are very fair and look almost like fairies as known on the Earth.  Their footfall is so light, because of the self-luminosity of the body, that when they move they do not even make an imprint upon the beautiful surface of the land where there grows a sort of an aquamarine colored ground covering, similar to your grass.

          There are beautiful mountains in variegated colors.  Some of you have seen the mountain tops pink, gold, and violet, but these mountains on Aquaria are beautiful colors all over from top to bottom.  Because these people levitate as easily as the Masters, there are lovely golden pagodas and llamassaries way up in the very high places, which would seem almost inaccessible from the human standpoint.  There is great symmetry and a great pattern in all activities of nature.

          There are seven continents on Aquaria.  There are seven continents on all the planets belonging to Helios and Vesta.  In the system above, the one in which Alpha and Omega belong, there were 12 continents on every planet.

          There is delicate and beautiful music on Aquaria, rising to the Sun.  Since the individuals are self-luminous and the atmosphere has no discord, the Music of the Spheres is easily heard by all the people.

          The inhabitants pass through a 14,000 year cycle from the time the soul is born until it receives its Ascension.  Some live to 1,000 to 1,200 years.  So-called death is unknown, and at the end of a life span since there is no disintegration or decay, the individual merely steps within a concentrate of the Fire of Etherealization which is focused in a Temple in the locality where he lives.  There are Temples which are like your crematories, not only every continent but every locality has such a Temple which they call “Completion.”  When the individual has completed a lifespan, he proceeds to that Temple, his family invariably accompanying him and to beautiful music and ceremony, he steps within the Flame and just disappears into the Light, consciously entering into the inner Realm where he forswears [to reject or renounce under oath] his body for the time being.  He often comes back and re-assumes his contact with the various members of his family.  Because of the long period of life there, even if he is out of embodiment for 200 to 300 years, most of his loved ones are still around and wait for him to return.

          Birth on Aquaria is through the projection of the Light Rays from the chosen parents.  If the individual does not care to go through a period of young childhood, he is already in full command of his faculties.  He comes in wearing a very light garment which could not be called a fresh garment but is equivalent to that in the realm in which he abides.  Often, he will take on the studies in which he was proficient before he went out, arrangements being made with his family and friends before he enters the Temple of Completion, to put his books and experiments all together, usually into a lovely golden chest marked with his name and the approximate date of his return.

          This continuity of consciousness makes things very much easier for the individual who lives on Aquaria.  When he is reborn, there is a ceremony again in a Temple which they call the Temple of Opportunity.  There the parents go, accompanied by family, friends, and loved ones.  As the parents direct the Light Rays, it forms the vortex of the heart of the incoming individual, into which the Presence of that one descends.  There is no veil, the Presence descends into a Flame similar to that which causes etherealization, then the parents coalesce around that Flame an outer vehicle.  It is only a matter of ten minutes or so until the child steps out of the Flame.  He usually greets the parents with a handclasp or an acknowledgment, greets his friends, and has a period of adjustment again to the planet.  He can then go and re-possess his treasures and continue with his experiments and activities of Light.

          This planet is very, very beautiful and the lifestreams from it that have come to Earth can be distinquished easily by the very delicacy of their form.  They will always be individuals who are very slender, rather ethereal and they carry a great buoyancy and sensitivity of spirit.

          The Mercurians are an entirely different type of lifestream.  They are tremendously charged with fire and are a very positive people.  Thinking upon the nature of beloved Ascended Master Morya, Who is a Mercurian, one can understand this.  So, the adjustment of the Aquarians to take the orbit of the fire people of Mercury is also quite an initiation.  Many Mercurians are living on Aquaria, assisting to this end.

          To become acquainted with the planets, one can travel hither and yon in consciousness.  He can go and see the people there, as well as invite them to visit him.”

[The Maho Chohan is saying that Earth humans can visit the planets in consciousness (meditation).  This does not mean leaving your body, but traveling in consciousness to the planet.] 






Book 1

A.D.K. Luk

[With bracketed explanations by Nancy Detweiler]

       [The Ascended Masters provided teachings through A.D.K. Luk for a period of several years.  Earth’s Ascended Masters are souls who evolved through incarnations on Earth … ascended … and are now assisting in bringing Planet Earth to its ascension in 2012.  Biblical students will know many of the Ascended Masters now working with Earth & its inhabitants:  Jesus, Joseph (St. Germain), Mary of Magdala (Nada), Mary - the mother of Jesus, Melchior – one of the Wise Men – now Morya.  Additional Ascended Masters are:  Francis of Assisi (Kuthumi), Kuan Yin (who incarnated in the Orient), and many more.]

       [The Ascended Masters’ teachings within this series of three THE LAW OF LIFE books are the most beautiful I have ever read.  You may purchase books by A.D.K. LUK at:]

       [I list the Ascended Master speaking with the date of communication.]


Ascended Master Morya, April & June 1962

       “Shining in the celestial sky is Earth’s sister planet, Venus.  How often have the eyes of the children of Earth looked upward and enjoyed the beauty and brilliance of Its presence in the darkness of Earth’s night.  Could it be that Venus and all the glorious planets of our system are barren of life and evolution, and that the sole purpose of the galaxies of Heaven is to provide light and pleasure for the small orb of the Earth?  No, a moment’s thought will dispel this arrogant and thoughtless concept as we contemplate the fact that the Earth is one of the smallest of the planets, and surely Its produce and Its radiance at present are not of such importance as to balance the infinite gifts and presence of the Sun and Stars that swing in silent splendor through our night.

       Ah – yes – On Venus there is life and love and evolution of a Cosmic purpose far beyond that which we on Earth have yet achieved, but toward which the thinkers of the race have pointed us since time began.  For It is, even in Its physical position in relation to the Sun, a more advanced planet.  Its very name on Earth has always signified fullness of Love.

       Man’s journey through life is the progression of soul, learning through experience, the laws of life and love, the relentless law of cause and its ultimate effect.  In this long and self chosen pilgrimage, he must wear many garments (bodies) and live in many climes.  Thus he gathers into his consciousness by experience the wealth of knowledge which is the germ of mastery over self and his world.  When the lessons of Earth are learned, the soul sometimes migrates to another planet to fully round out its nature; even as a student enters a school of higher learning in order to more fully prepare for a vocation.  Thus, very few of the more fortunate among mankind have been privileged to complete their soul development upon the planet Venus, and on rare occasions, great souls from Venus have entered into the worlds of men.

       Venus has its own evolved Beings, who have grown and matured with It, as – in time – the Earth children will develop with their planet into harmony, self mastery, and peace.  These Beings on Venus are the older Brothers and Sisters of the human race.

       The life on Venus is under the direction of a great Hierarchy of perfected Men and Women, called The Lords of the Flame.  They are the embodiment of wisdom and of love.  There is but one language, one state, one race, one purpose.  There is no disease, no crime, no army nor navy nor any instrument of force, for physical violence and unbalance are unknown.  Every citizen of this world Estate contributes his talents freely to the common cause for 15 short years, between the ages of 20 and 35.  Before this time, all are educated by the State according to their particular talents and the interests of the individual citizen

       The citizen of Venus after being educated by the State is permitted to utilize his talents and gifts during the period of world benefit for the good of the entire citizenry.  After the years of service, each is allowed to pursue such spiritual and cultural studies as his nature may choose.

       Old age and disintegration are unknown, because there is no inharmony.  At the time of passing from the screen of form, the individual utilizes the Power of the Fire element and, with the help of the Lords of the Flame, releases the atoms that made up his physical garment and his soul enters the inner Realms for a time, returning again at a self-chosen time and to a self-chosen family, for another embodiment and opportunity to complete the soul growth required before he goes forth to return no more.  The soul on this planet is not bound by karmic restrictions and is capable of exerting complete freedom in choosing the parents of his future birth.

       These parents are often informed by the individual prior to his passing, and if they acquiesce in his proposed embodiment, the individual may leave in their custody many of the treasures of his current life, his books, and research papers, and on assuming his new personality continues in an unbroken chain of consciousness to work out his own soul development or some great service to his planetary kin.

       This, of course, greatly accelerates the individual progress of the soul as well as the high degree of culture and perfection for the State, for the great minds of one generation are not lost to succeeding generations.”

Victory, April 5, 1955

       “Upon the planet Venus there is no such thing known as failure, defeat or compromise with imperfection.  All of life abiding within the harmony, the balance and the purity of the Godhead moves forward to fulfill the Divine Plan, manifest God-victories and expand perfection.

       Some from Venus have taken as Their self-chosen karma, the guiding and guarding of the lifestreams of Earth and sustaining the Light through the consciousness of the people, so to keep the Earth a part of the system.”

Master Morya, 1955

       “The seven Suns and their planets are presently preparing for the Cosmic Initiation of being drawn closer to the Central Sun.  The Cosmic Law requires that Sanat Kumara be with his planet Venus for this Cosmic Event.”

Lady Master Venus, July 7, 1954

       “Venus, that magnificent planet where every lifestream which is projected forth through the Christ Self is embodied in the Light pattern holding within itself the White Fire Being.  Each one is completely polarized with the Christ Self and manifests through the vehicles of mind and feeling the complete mastery of life.  The vibratory action of Venus is such the Immortal Presence within the heart is a White Fire Being.  But the vibratory action of the Earth and this system being gold, the glorious Presence within the heart takes on the radiation of golden Light.  Whichever system you belong to, the natural vibration of your own energies will respond to the color of your Sun, the color of the system and the color of the planet.  The radiation and Aura of that exquisite Being, the Immortal Presence of God within you, will be the manifest expression of the vibratory action of your system.

       At the close of a cycle of embodiment, etherealization is the means by which the elements composing the bodies are retuned to universal.  Having fulfilled one episode in the rhythm of evolution, the soul enters one of the inner Spheres, which represents the Causal Body of the Silent Watcher of Venus.  Then that one comes again for as many times as are required, until the seven rhythms of embodiment of the seven Rays are completed in perfect healing.

       On our Star there is no such thing known as disintegration, no such thing known as decay, rust, mold, fermentation, disease nor death.  All of these qualities are the heritage of the human race and are but decadence of the natural activity of etherealization.  On Venus, precipitation, the drawing of Light substance into form is performed through the use of the Light Rays.

       Invoking elemental life through thought and feeling they create form thus precipitate magnificent Temples, glorious Flame Flowers, homes of Light and beauty and even the vehicles for the lifestreams.  On Venus We serve through the Temples, by lifestreams combining their energies.  These Temples are magnificent to behold indeed.

       Each one has within him the power of cohesion which draws primal life into form.  Through the thought and feeling centers one has the capacity to mold out of universal Light whatever he will.  He is also endowed with the power of etherealization which is used at the completion of the usefulness of an activity or manifest form.  This in dignity and blessing it may be disintegrated and returned to primal life in the Sun for re-polarization.

       The radiation of our Sun is Divine Love and Wisdom.  Krishna is the embodied quality of Divine Love which has been remembered by Messengers and Beings from Venus Who have embodied in your system.  This has been responsible for the title of The Christ, and which has been bestowed upon Messengers and Avatars which has been written into books giving Truths of the spiritual law for the Earth.

       Beloved Sophia is the embodiment of Wisdom.  Her radiation has brought to the planets of our system, and their evolutions the perfect balance of Divine Wisdom.  She has asked Me to convey the personal blessing of Her Wisdom into the vibratory action of your system.  This I do today through your forcefield.

       Each Sun that came forth from the Central Sun embodies for that solar system two specific God-qualities.  Helios is the embodiment of Illumination, and Vesta that of Truth.  The planets of Their system are destined to carry Illumination and Truth to other systems and galaxies now and in the distant future.  Likewise it is destined that Krishna and Sophia carry Divine Love and Wisdom into other galaxies far beyond those known to man.

       The radiation and Light of the Sun to the planets, causes each one to rotate on its axis and to move in orderly procession around the Sun.  So does the Sun move rhythmically around the Central Sun, and which is part of a glorious train of Light made up of millions of galaxies that move by Cosmic Intelligence, whose consciousness is beyond description, all move in procession around a Central Focus continually proceeding toward greater perfection or the ultimate.

       As the Cosmic motion and in-breathing of the Central Sun draws the lesser Sun towards Itself, so in like manner the seven Suns are drawing their planets from the periphery of their system.  The planet Venus which is fourth in our system will move one position closer to our Sun becoming the third planet revolving around Krishna and Sophia.  So your Sun will draw Mercury within the Electronic Belt, and the Earth will become the third planet revolving around Helios and Vesta.

       Right below Venus is the Earth in your system.  We are preparing the Earth and its people so that the vibratory action of the position and orbit which We leave may be comfortable and they enjoy the radiation of Love and Wisdom which We leave as our heritage to your planet.  So too, are you preparing for when Earth moves closer to the Sun, Mars moves into your present orbit.” 



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