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“Spiritual law would have us serve each other rather than compete with each other, bless each other rather than condemn each other, and place our primary attention on the extension of brotherly love.”     

                                      --Marianne Williamson

“Our political salvation will not come from our political system as it now exists.  It will come from deep within us.”      

--Marianne Williamson


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Findhorn Garden

by the Findhorn Community

     This marvelous book reveals the fascinating story of gardening with the angelic spirits. It also includes messages from the angels relating to the gardening process. You'll never view gardening the same after reading this book!


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by Manly Palmer Hall

Manly Hall uses his vast knowledge of the hidden wisdom to reveal the secret destiny of America. We may all become better Americans by learning America’s destiny within our planetary history.


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A People’s History of the United States

by Howard Zinn

     Zinn’s most enlightening book should be required reading for every citizen of the U.S. Until we have read it, we do not know our nation’s history as it impacted the residents of this vast country.

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 The Healing of America

by Marianne Williamson

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The Healing of the Soul of America: Reclaiming Our Voices As Spiritual Citizens

by Marianne Williamson

“The Greek root of the word “politics” does not mean “of the government,” but “of the citizen.” Politics should include more than just changes in government; it should also include changes in “us.”

                ---Marianne Williamson


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The Soul of A Citizen: Living With Conviction in a Cynical Time

by Paul Rogat Loeb

     “No matter how well off we may be, we’re spiritually impoverished whenever our society treats people with contempt, pillages the earth, or cannibalizes our common future.”

                  --  Paul Rogat Loeb

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We Hold These Truths: Understanding the Ideas & Ideals of the Constitution

by Mortimer J. Adler

     Every America should be required to study Adler’s book on the U.S. Constitution. We cannot know who we are—as citizens of America—without comprehending the concepts upon which our nation was built.

“The happiness which all human beings have an inalienable right to seek for themselves as individual persons is not an individual good; it is a common good.”

                   --  Mortimer J. Adler


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The Caudles of Anson County, NC

What's Really Happening in America?

Divine Government

Re-introduces House Bill 808 Calling for a Dept. of Peace

Wake Up To Mother Earth

Foreclosures, Bankers' Manifesto, & Land Patents

The Debt Crisis Is The Best Thing That Has Happened!



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